TheVeganKind July Box!

Hiya! This is a little bit of a different blog post today because I’ve never actually reviewed a subscription box before now (and the more I think about it, never really had a subscription box to review, unless you count Graze!)

This is my first time having a box from The Vegan Kind and not gonna lie, I assumed I was just going to order this box and cancel it straight away as I didn’t think I would like anything in them and then it would be a waste of my money BUT I think I’ve surprised myself.

First off, the box should have cost £10.00 plus postage which I think was around £3.15 so the total of the months box was £13.15. However I did have a £5 discount code which led to the box costing me £8.15. I don’t think that’s bad at all for how much quality products you get within the box.

I was unaware that the box came the morning that I’m writing this because I was a little bit hungover and walked straight past it to make breakfast and didn’t really clock it was there until my friend pointed it out haha!


After I read this nice card and checked out the recipe card (which I will have to try making one of the days, lemme know if you want a blog post on that!), I opened up to look at the goodies inside!

There was quite a lot and to be honest, I didn’t expect it!



First of all, I saw Super Moons crunchy lentil puffs in the flavour cheese and onion! If you know me at all, you’d know I really really REALLY like the flavour cheese and onion, but sadly generic brands aren’t veganised so I have to either make my own (which I have struggled to do) or just wait until I go to specialised vegan stores where I can get them! I haven’t tried these yet but I know I’m going to love them!
Then, I saw I had this wonderful croissant by Go vegan! Never heard of this brand before now but I’m excited to try! I’ve made my own croissants a month or so ago and that was actually the first time I ever tried a croissant and it was delightful so I’m looking forward to eating this at a later date.



Then I opened the box and saw this drink. I’m like 99% sure I have previously tried this but if I haven’t, it would have been a similar brand at least! I don’t think you can go wrong with a nice orange flavoured water so I know I’ll definitely like this!
This next product is exciting! It’s a caramel rocky road snack bar!!! I haven’t had rocky road since forever, probably over two years at least! I was actually speaking to my dad a couple days ago that I wanted to make some because obviously, can’t have the ones that are heavily sold in stores due to the marshmallows.



I then laid my eyes on this gummy bear sweets! When I was a lot younger and obviously not vegan, my favourite sweets out of the haribo packets were always the little bears. Don’t know why but it’s clear I’m hopefully going to like this because they are practically the same!
Next is the most exciting thing, a cheese spread! I always see this brand in Holland and Barrett and quite frankly, have been too scared to purchase it because it looked intimidating to me (I don’t know why either). So when I saw it in this months subscription box, I was excited because I’ll finally be able to try this because I have it now. I’ve paid for it I’m gonna have to haaha!



These are the last two items. I got these coconut bites with sesame seeds by Ape! Not gonna lie, I am quite scared to try these because I am not a huge fan of coconut. Just last night, my friend had a coconut flavoured alcoholic drink and I gagged at it, not because of the alcohol because of the coconut! I don’t know why I don’t like it but I don’t so maybe, these will be given to my friend – but they do look yummy and I’m kinda tempted to try them because they may not have a coconutty taste like the alcohol did.
Finally, I saw this one day trial from VITL. Along with the one day trial, you also got a 2 week free trial code which I am tempted to try out! I don’t really use vitamin tablets all that often because I don’t think I need them but if these make me feel better and happier than they may be decent!

That’s such a huge box for the money I think! Let me know if you have had this box come to you in the post, and if not, let me know what thing in the box you would be interested in trying!

Thank you so much for reading,


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9 thoughts on “TheVeganKind July Box!

  1. I have always been a big meat eater and never liked vegetables. The more I learn about health, I learn about how horrible for you meat actually is. I’m am also avoiding soy and gluten which makes meat substitute tough. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


    1. Beans are always a good idea! You can always use butter beans or black beans to make burgers (not sure on a recipe but they are always a quick google!) and chickpeas in curries etc are always 10/10! I’m unsure on where you live so I can’t mention mock meats as what’s available near me may not be available near you! But just lemme know if you need anymore help 🙂


  2. Lovely review! Are you enjoying the subscription? I review them on my website as well and I must say they are beating my expectations when I signed up to them. Love it! I received my July box a couple of weeks ago but am yet to try them all. It amazing how many products were in the box!

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    1. This is my first box from them as I was too scared previously due to being a kinda fussy eater but would 100% keep the subscription going! And I know right! There was so many, I was shocked with how many products there would be!

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  3. Interesting post. The products in the box look great, good value for the money. Just one thing though shouldn’t the cheese spread product (Creamy Sheese) be kept refrigerated and was therefore not really suitable for posting? I buy this in Holland and Barrett and it is always kept in the refrigerator.


    1. See I thought that but I googled it and it said it’s fine for transit until opened and then it has to be kept refrigerated! Also, they mentioned it on the bottom of the cheese spread box that it was completely fine!


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