A Self Care Day

Hiya. I don’t really have a day full of self care that often. Mainly because of how busy my life was before I finished college, exams and all. I know that’s so bad but I just didn’t have time for it.

So today, I thought I’d give it a go.

First of all, I ran a bath. I love having baths. I typically have baths at least once a week (normally a Sunday before college) but I never do anything that comes with it. The bath itself isn’t something exciting because like I said, I have them quite frequently, but it’s what I did during and afterwards that is nice. I used Lush’s Karma bubble bar for my bath as it’s a current favourite. I got it as a valentines day present this year and I never tried it before then, but I am obsessed now. I personally think it makes my bath look like Fall Out Boy’s new era colour hahaa! But seriously, it smells so fresh and orangey and that’s a go to scent for me.



After this, I decided to shave my body. This isn’t a necessity for an individual to do in order to be having a self love session because you don’t have to shave to love yourself. BUT, for me, it’s a necessity. I don’t like having hair on my body, it’s just a thing I dislike. I mean, arms, legs, everywhere! I currently don’t use cruelty free razors because I have yet to find a brand that doesn’t rip my skin to shreds. I have very very sensitive skin and the ones I’m currently using are perfect for my skin. So comment below any razor brands that are cruelty free that are good for sensitive skin (and I mean really really good!)

Next, I applied a face mask. I love a good face mask, from Lush! I used Oatifix today because the hot weather we’ve had recently has caused my skin to get super dry and honestly, the amount of dry patches I have on my face is unreal! With Lush face masks, you have to apply a lot I’ve found. Like generous amounts. So with the Oatifix, it looks like you just dunked your head into a face of porridge!



I came out the bath and rinsed off the face mask and then moisturised my entire body with coconut oil because coconut oil is perfect if you want to make your entire body smooth as heck! Then I slipped into a baggy Fall Out Boy top and turned on Netflix and watched an episode or two (or five) of The Vampire Diaries because that’s my current obsession.

I really loved having a day dedicated to loving myself. I don’t have them enough. But, now that I’ve finished college completely, I know I can have them a lot more. Let me know down below what you do for your self love days because I’d love to find new things to treat myself with.


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