what i ate in a day #2

Hiya! I haven’t done this type of blog post since I created this blog. How weird is that? I think I’m going to try my best to do them more often because they are interesting, at least for me, to read. I don’t expect to be the perfect vegan and I’m sure everything I eat will be judged because I’m not healthy at all lmao.. I’m also going to be measuring the calories and nutritional facts so if that upsets/triggers you, please click off this!

Please also note that I am still recovering from disordered eating so I may not be eating as much as you or as someone who has healthy eating habits. Just know I am eating as much as I can and I am trying to eat more as the days go by. If I get any comments on this, I’m just going to delete them! πŸ™‚

Breakfast – Sausage and Egg Muffin.




Ok it looks ugly because silly me, I cut the muffin all wrong! It was still yummy nonetheless.. I used Follow Your Heart’s vegan egg (which is on sale in Holland and Barrett I may add!), Linda Mccartney sausages and some tomatoes on the vine for the side. It was great.

Dinner – Sausage Rolls & Clif Bars




Not very nutritious I know, but I wasn’t very hungry as the breakfast I had left me full for soooooo long. The Clif bar is a must, I would recommend it if you’ve never tried it! And the sausage rolls are from Tesco and they are TO. DIE. FOR!!!

Tea – Potato Gnocchi




Never tried gnocchi until today and lemme tell you, I’m in love. Also, first time eating pesto too. The gnocchi and pesto mix is probably not the usual mix but it was gorgeous anyway! I combined them with half a white onion (I am big on my onion) and some cherry tomatoes cut in half. It was so simple but so tasty.


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9 thoughts on “what i ate in a day #2

  1. Not vegan but I do find it interesting and I think ultimately it’s the way to go for yourself and the planet 🌍 The food looks great, *especially* the sausage and egg muffin haha x

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