A Love Letter to Me

A love letter to myself.

I thought I’d try to do something new, both for this blog and for myself. A love letter. You typically give these to people who you love and well, I love myself so why not?!

Dear me,

I don’t really know where to start because I find it so easy to say why I love someone else but never you. Society loves us hating ourselves so much that when given the opportunity to love ourselves, it’s somewhat difficult.

I’m sorry for all the pain I put you through any years ago. I never fed you, I never loved you when really, that’s all you deserved. You really are loved.Β I am so proud of you. Life has thrown so much shit at you and it hasn’t been easy. Your mother died, you suffered such bad mental health but despite all that, you managed to keep your head up high and continue fighting your inner demons.

You’re so compassionate. All you ever do is see the best in people. You see people struggling and all you ever do is try to help. You are so full of love which is so wonderful. So bloody wonderful.

Even when people hurt you, you still waddle on, fighting. You forgive the people who caused you all that pain but not enough to let them back in. I respect that about you. You know the person probably didn’t mean it, and if they did they will grow from the forgiveness, but you still don’t let that harm you.

I love you because despite everything, you still try to love yourself. And it is working. You’re trying so hard to love every inch of your body and even though at some points, you do hit a brick wall, you fight your way through it. You’ve learnt to feed yourself sufficient portions to make it through the day, and sometimes treat yourself.

I’m so so so so so proud of you and you will probably never notice it as you hate people praising you. But I am your biggest fan.


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