Gaining Confidence With: Boobs

This is probably a weird blog post for many of you. But, as a person with boobs, I know how difficult it is to love your boobs. Society’s standards of boobs are always perfectly round and perfectly perky and in reality, most boobs do not look like that. If your boobs look like that then that’s fine, but if your boobs don’t look like that then that’s fine too. Every pair of boobs are different – some are big, some are small, some are asymmetrical, some are pointy, some have tiny lil nipples, some have bigger nipples – but they are all completely fine. Boobs are boobs.

So, I thought I’d write a lil blog post on how to love your boobs as they are. I’m not telling you that this is a list of steps to take to fully love your boobs. Everyone is different and everyone takes a different amount of steps to complete something. These are just handy little tips to enable you on your journey to love the things on your chest.


#1 – behave as though you already love your boobs. Ever heard of fake it til you make it? That sometimes works. If you pretend that you are already confident, confidence will grow on you. For example, wear clothes that are a little out of your comfort zone. Now don’t make yourself uncomfortable to the point where you would rather be dead than in the position because that will have negative effects. Just occasionally maybe go out without a bra sometimes or wear clothes that are a little revealing. I’m not saying that’s the answer for everyone though, just find something to do that brings you out of your comfort zone.

#2 – hang out with people who bring out the best in you. Hang out with people who tell you (appropriately and innocently) that they like your boobs – like a friend or a partner. For instance, if you have a boyfriend who likes your boobs, get him to tell you why and pay attention to what he says. In some senses, someone else’s opinion won’t matter but ya know, sometimes it helps to hear what other people like about you. If you are surrounded by people who don’t like your body at all or are negative in general, consider finding new friends or something. People should like you 100% not just 50%.

#3 – remind yourself that having ‘pretty’ boobs is not the be all and end all of life. Beauty is not skin deep, it’s a lot more than that. Pretty boobs is just what you think society deems as pretty, nothing more than that. Don’t worry if your boobs don’t look like boobs you see in porn or on models, your tatas are pretty just as they are.

I hope this helps. I know what it’s like to strongly dislike your boobs and I personally feel like I’m at a point where I kind of like my boobs. It’s not perfect but it’s close to being so.


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10 thoughts on “Gaining Confidence With: Boobs

  1. I just recently in the past few months decided that tiny boobs are okay. That i just have a certain body type and I should own it. Great reaffirming post!

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  2. Very well said! Women need a hell of a lot more self-love in today’s society, especially when we’re surrounded by images of the ‘perfect’ body. Keep up the good work!

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