My Favourite Bands

As a former emo, I have my fair share of bands that I enjoy. I know not just emos like a lot of bands but for me, it’s a lot.

  1. All Time Low

    If any of you know me, this may be obvious.. My all time favourite band. (pun not intended. didn’t notice until after I wrote this post hahah) They’ve been practically my right hand man since I ever went through shit when I was younger. I’ve seen them a total of three times since their tour with You Me At Six in 2015 and honestly I think for a long time after this, I’m going to keep seeing them. Last time I saw them was their March 2017 tour and this was extra special because I met them!! I highfived them all and Jack said I was lovely and it meant SO fucking much to me.

  2. Neck Deep

    I seriously love this band. Like a lot a lot. I remember seeing Neck Deep in February 2016 and they smashed it. I saw them again in January 2017 and surprise surprise, they smashed it again. They know how to keep a crowd moving and that’s what I love. Their music is so pretty. I know “pretty” is not the right word for a pop punk band but still.

  3. Twenty One Pilots

    Been a big fan of these guys since 2015. Still love them just as much as I did when I found them. First song I listened to was “House of Gold” in 2014 as I heard they were touring with Fall Out Boy in America but then the UK tour, they didn’t support it so I didn’t really listen to them again at this point. Then 2015 came around and I saw someone on my Twitter tweet lyrics to “Holding on to You” and I was like … wow those lyrics are deep. And came from there.

  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    I blame my dad for this one. Well I say blame, it’s not a bad thing. Basically, growing up all I listened to was By the Way by these guys. So much so that when I re-listened to the album a couple months back, I knew every song word for word even though I haven’t touched the album willingly myself. All the music is just so snazzy, I love it. If they ever tour again, I’d recommend going because they were a blast. I had a good time anyway.

  5. The 1975

    I used to dislike this band .. a lot. Until ILIWYS came out, and I don’t know I think I did a complete 180 because they made it into my top 5 bands hahaa. The music they make just makes me want to dance so hard!


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