My Travel Bucket List

Hiya! There’s so many places I want to visit in this huge world. Like basically, everywhere in this world. But here are the places I 100% definitely want to go in my lifetime:

Rome, Italy.




I’ve always wanted to visit Italy but after studying classical civilisation at a-level (and hopefully degree level) I’ve fallen in love with this place even more. I just feel like I’d be at home here. Hopefully at one point in my life, I will live here.

Amsterdam, Netherlands




Not only is this city super pretty, it has so much history. I really want to go to the Anne Frank house at some point too. This city is a place that I’d imagine visiting all the time.

Vienna, Austria




This is a recently added city to my list. I never really thought of Austria whenever I thought of places to travel to but I wish I did before now! I cannot wait to visit here after university (along with every other place on this list)

Athens, Greece




Similar to Rome, I fell in love with this city even more since studying the ancient world that took place here. The Parthenon is definitely something I would L O V E to visit at some point.

Berlin, Germany




I really love Germany. It’s all so pretty. I’ve also heard that Berlin is such a good place for vegan food, as my brother and his boyfriend went last year and said basically everywhere was vegan hahaha! Aside from that, it’s such a wonderful city and I’ve always wanted to visit Germany.

There’s tons more but these are places I definitely want to go to before I die.


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