Tips on how to go Vegan

Hiya! I’ve been vegan now for just over 18 months so I assume I know a thing or two about what I’m doing lmao. I thought I’d form a list of quick tips to help new vegans out a little, because I know how hard it is to start of.

1. Go at your own pace. It’s so difficult to just go from eating meat and dairy to veganism overnight. Granted, some people do do it but it isn’t easy. Start by cutting out simple things like chicken and then go for red meats and so on. In my opinion, go with the thing that you consume the most and find a vegan version that works for you, and then go onto the next one and the next one.

2. Find a vegan support group. You have no idea how many Facebook pages I’m part of that are about veganism. These can typically help you find out if a certain food is vegan, as someone in the group is going to be online as and when you post things.

3. Find out some foods that you already eat that are already vegan. This is surprisingly easy and the fact that you probably eat one thing already that is vegan, may help you and give you the confidence needed. I found out Oreos were vegan (technically) and this helped me along the way because I knew I always had a snack to fall back on if I was struggling. I also had Jammie Dodgers but let’s not talk about those…

4. Keep reminding yourself of why you are wanting to make the change to veganism. Whether this is for the animals, the environment or your health, remind yourself of that reason. Veganism is a lot easier than people expect but some days you may have a bad day and think about giving up. Here is where you remind yourself of all the good you are doing.

5. Remember that you will keep learning. No matter how long you’ve been vegan, you’ll find a new way of gaining protein or getting your vitamins. You’ll find new foods that are your favourite. You will try that vegetable that you were scared of prior to veganism (before I went vegan I was genuinely scared of trying butternut squash lmao)

If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to message me. I’m always willing to help.


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