50 Things That Make Me Happy

I saw someone I follow get tagged in this and I technically didn’t get tagged in this but I’m gonna do it anyway! Now, in no particular order here is 50 things that make me happy:

  1. My family. Especially my dad.
  2. My aunties puppy. No longer a puppy but still, love him.
  3. Cooking.
  4. Good mental health days.
  5. Veganism. Eating vegan food and knowing I’m contributing to a good cause makes me so incredibly happy.
  6. Twitter. Love everyone on there, everyone I follow is so nice to me.
  7. My friends. I have a huge bunch and they accept me for me.
  8. Candles. I’m obsessed.
  9. How far I’ve came.
  10. Cuddles – loads of them. Although, cuddles from my boyfriend cannot be topped.
  11. Nothing like a lot of highlight on my upper cheekbone.
  12. Marvel movies make me feel so badass.
  13. Long baths.
  14. Taking my bra off after a long day.
  15. Animals. I love piggies SO much. Cannot wait until I am able to go to a sanctuary and meet some cute pigs.
  16. Carbs. I love carbing the fuck up.
  17. Classics. I’m so happy I found a subject at college that I want to further at university and can easily study willingly in my spare time.
  18. I love Christmas. Love the lights. Love the food. Love the family time. I cannot wait for the day that I am able to spend Christmas day with my boyfriend and our own little family.
  19. Milky soy tea with two sugars.
  20. All Time Low.
  21. Books.
  22. Mash. Mash. Mash.
  23. Instagram.
  24. I know I said animals already, but puppers!!!!
  25. Writing blog posts or short stories or poems.
  26. Flowers.
  27. Jumpers. Guaranteed that 6/7 days during winter I am wearing one of these bad boys.
  28. Concerts. These are genuinely my happy place.
  29. Records.
  30. Exploring new cities..
  31. Yoga.
  32. Self care.
  33. Cute stationary.
  34. Big bulky coats.
  35. Handmade bread.
  36. Starbursts (yes UK ones are vegan)
  37. Fresh bed sheets.
  38. Boots.
  39. Friday nights – nothing more relaxing even though I don’t mind the weekdays.
  40. My glasses.
  41. Ed Sheeran.
  42. Old photographs.
  43. Italy.
  44. Harry Potter.
  45. Nude lipstick.
  46. Roast dinners.
  47. The sound of rain against the floor or windows.
  48. Getting my full eight hours.
  49. Friends (the TV show)
  50. My teachers. Shocker but I’m so grateful for them.


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