How to Stop Comparing yourself to Others

This is the worst thing that any human being does. I have to say, I have done my fair share of this, and it is far from healthy! Why are we always so hard on ourselves? Why do we feel the need to compare ourselves to others constantly? It’s not fair or healthy for us. It’s one thing to appreciate that someone is pretty or clever, but it’s another if we look down upon ourselves for the reason that we are not them.

The line between inspiration and comparison is very thin. Be inspired by others, but don’t compare yourself to them. Love what others are doing, but don’t look at yourself as worse than them if you aren’t doing the same. Inspiration is a positive thing and it should lead you to pursue your goals. It should motivate you, but it should not make you feel sad. Cut out everything that triggers demotivation because that’s not a good thing (clearly). Cut out the things that make you feel upset for other peoples successes, that’s not good either!

We tend to rather know our weaknesses as our strengths. Our weaknesses are often less important than our strengths. We cannot change our weakness (and if you did, it would take some work to do so) but accept that they are your weakness, and then get over them. They will always be used to target how you are not as good as someone else. Focus on your strengths instead. Use them and be proud of them. If you are good at painting, use that to your advantage.

Strive for progress, not for perfection. Nothing is perfect, even if it seems that way. As the wise Justin Bieber and Big Sean once said, “But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it” which is so so true!! Someone elses life may seem a million times better than yours, but that is only because they are trying to strive for a better life – which is what you should also be doing! There is no perfect life or perfect anything for that matter. You should focus on the progress and the process, not on how perfect something should be. Growing as a person is so much more fun than being perfect 24/7.

Learn to accept yourself. This is the most important one. We are often upset of our weaknesses rather than working on them. You can be upset about the reality of the situation as much as you’d like but it will not change a thing – you as a person or the situation itself. Accept that you can not change how you are and try to accept yourself. Only then will you start to notice the changes in your life.


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