Self Diagnosis

Self diagnosis is such a controversial topic on the likes of the internet. Many people think no one should have the rights to diagnose themselves with a mental illness just because, how can you be right?

In some sense, I do agree that self diagnosis may be risky because someone may diagnose themselves with the incorrect illness because many illnesses have similar symptoms BUT I do think that people can have the right to diagnose themselves. Afterall, no one knows your own body and mind more than yourself.

In many cases, people suffering do not have access to sufficient medical help like someone else may have. In some countries, mental health support may not be as progressive as mental health support in say, England or America. Therefore it’s wrong to say that self diagnosis cannot be undergone because it’s not by a professional. Likewise, if the sufferer does have support in their country, who is to say they can afford it? In places of free healthcare, it can be easy to gain support but in places where healthcare is expensive, that may not be the case.

For many people, it is necessary to do research and self diagnose RIGHT in order to come to terms with their illness. I know for me, I researched BPD for months before I seeked help for it. I like having knowledge on my own struggles so if it’s necessary, I can help myself through it.

I do not believe that people can self diagnose themselves with a mental health condition, but they can have a good inclination of what could be wrong and I do believe that self diagnosis is 100% valid. But then again, who am I to say what you can and cannot do? I may be completely wrong but I do not say that I’m a mental health professional.

Self diagnosis and pretending you have a mental illness is two very VERY different things. Just because someone diagnosis’ themselves does not mean they are lying or just doing it for ‘attention’.

I don’t really know where I am going with this post but all I know is, if you have the ability to access the support then go for it but if you cannot for any reason at all, then don’t feel ashamed of having to diagnose yourself. However, you are right in the eye of the hurricane when you are diagnosing so please be careful.


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