Unmentioned Anxiety Symptoms


I was scrolling through Twitter the other day and I came across a thread which mentioned all the symptoms correlated with anxiety. At first I was like … yep … yep .. yep. But then I realised, most symptoms I have (and many others have) weren’t mentioned. As an anxious person, this sent me in to some sort of fluster. I was thinking, what if my symptoms were not in conjunction with anxiety and I had something else wrong with me?

In the back of my mind, I clearly knew I was overreacting but as I said, this was in the back of my mind. Right in the furthest corner away from the common sense part of my brain. I did more research, ashamedly on the NHS website, which I recommend never to use if you’re already in an anxious state! It came to realisation that the symptoms I have are perfectly aligned with anxiety but rather never mentioned as such. More so taboo.

So here I am, an eighteen year old girl with no self control with things like this, I’m going to mention them. I’m doing this because I would hate to thing of another anxiety sufferer going through the immense panic I went through lmao.

  1. Going straight into the deep end with, needing to go to the toilet more frequently. I don’t really understand why this is a symptom that is hardly ever mentioned as peeing and pooping are natural things to happen to ones body, just like eating or breathing. But honestly, an anxiety symptom I know all too well. It gets to the point where before college every single morning, I either shit out my entire intestine or pee myself dry. No going about it.
  2. Having a really terrible immune system. Long term anxiety causes your immune system to become weakened, not completely shut down but a lot worse than an anxiety less person. An anxiety sufferer is more susceptible to catching the common cold or a sore throat because of this.
  3. Not eating for days at a time. Anxiety minds tend to just fixate on the anxiety itself, rather than doing things that are normally needed within a day to day life. I’ve heard people say that they just forget to eat, shower etc just because their mind is so hooked onto their anxiety that it’s all they can think about. Instead of thinking about what to eat, they are worrying about when their next anxiety attack is going to spring on them.
  4. Hearing sounds when you are almost asleep. I suffer from this a great deal and I actually thought it was another underlying mental health condition until I went to my doctors and they told me that it’s a very common, very unheard of anxiety symptom. Now, I’m not saying if you hear sounds like this, the only reason for it is anxiety, it could be a multitude of reasons but I know mine is only anxiety. Sometimes when I’m very near asleep, I can hear either muttering of a neutral voice or just random noises and it almost always jolts me awake. It’s kinda really scary and stops me from sleeping most nights.
  5. Eye tricks. This is when your eyes kind of picture things that aren’t there, which can be in your peripheral vision or just slap bang in the centre of your vision. These can also be called hallucinations but I know mine were not really that bad to label them as hallucinations. This almost links in with the hearing things before sleep thing. I remember going through a phase of thinking I was misdiagnosed with anxiety and it should have been schizophrenia instead because THEY WERE THAT BAD. Eye tricks luckily only occur with me when I’ve had a really bad anxiety day or stressful day.

That’s all I could think of! Let me know whether you have any unmentioned anxiety symptoms below please because I like gaining knowledge with what my disorder can do to not only me, but to other people.


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