Come Away With Me: London Bound

Hiya! This blog post is long overdue but I haven’t had any time to write it, and I had also already planned all the blog posts I wanted to post for a while so it was not able to fit anywhere in the schedule! Anyway I digress, I visited London with a friend a while back. We went to visit the popular museum and also, to shop!

We got on the train at half eight in the morning – meaning I had to get up so early so I could get another train into Birmingham to catch that one.. As much as I wanted to go into London, I did not enjoy the 6:30am wake up time!

When we got to London Euston, we walked to the museum and had a little explore of the Ancient Greek and Roman exhibits that the museum had to offer. There was so much on the Trojan war, and if you know me well, you know I love the Iliad and everything related. Sadly, there was not much on Alexander the Great which confused me – Alexander is such a famous king and he literally had two statues of his head in the entire museum! I was upset that I couldn’t have a look at stuff related to him because he is one of my favourite people in the Classical world.




We spent a lot of time looking around the gift shop and I came out with a good luck bead from Ancient Egypt – that I am going to soon tie on a bracelet to wear – and a postcard of Alexander, that I am going to stick up on my university wall!




After spending what felt like hours in the gift shop, we decided to travel to Oxford Street. This was such a long journey but it may have been quicker if we had taken the underground or actually knew where we were going! We got lost and took so many wrong turns.. but it gave us chances to chat and have a laugh which is always fun haha!




Now, I spent a considerable amount in Lush! I spent at least an hour in there and around £25 which is a lot for me to spend because I hate spending money. I bought quite a few things from their Christmas range and the fight animal testing tote bag that almost everyone has. I’m collection tote bags for shopping at university so it sees fitting that I got that one!




We shopped around the rest of the shops – Primark, New Look, Top Shop etc. And we grew tired so we took a pit shop at Pret a Manger and Starbucks, where I got a little sandwich and a soy cinnamon latte. Yum.




It made me so happy how pretty everything was. There was so much street art that was beautiful and so much greenery! We did try and find Drop Dead to have a mooch but it was almost impossible to find and we had to travel to London Euston to get home asap.

I ended up getting home and half nine-ish but I had a very good day out with my friend. I’m so happy I did it because if you know anything about me, I suffer from really bad anxiety and a few years ago (if not months) I did not expect I would be able to do stuff like this, but I did. I now know I can do this stuff again in the future. I also know I will be able to travel to university on my own on the train. So anxiety 0 – 1 Sophie.


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