You or Them ??

As a person who struggles with mental health, I know how hard it is to choose your own problems or your friends. You absolutely hate seeing your friends upset or in a terrible time and you try your best to help them. This means you tend to forget about your own and you end up brushing your problems or mental state under the carpet in order to battle your friends – which in the long term, can make yours worse.

Now, I’m not saying if you help your friends out from time to time you are going to trigger a relapse on your depression or anxiety or whatever it may be. Because for me, helping my friends sometimes helps my own state of mind. My mental health normally deteriorates due to myself feeling worthless or not real, so helping out my friends sometimes helps me? But I sometimes clock myself doing this for the wrong reasons.

I tend to notice myself taking on board my friends mental health to just completely forget about mine. I do it so I don’t have to deal with my own and ‘pretend I am fine’ – which clearly isn’t good lol.

Moral of the story, please take care of yourself and it’s 1000000% okay for you to put your own mental health first, before your friends. You aren’t a bad friend to do that, no matter what people say. Your friends may bitch about you for it, but that means they aren’t friends because they should care about your mental health too.


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