4 Things I’m Loving

Hiya!! I love a lot of stuff as of late, so I thought I’d write a cute lil blog post about it – almost like a monthly favourites that people do on Youtube??! Okay, here we go lol.

  1. No makeup days. I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy these days. I love makeup as much as the next person but no makeup days make me so incredibly happy. There’s something about the bare faced-ness that makes me feel super unique I guess?? And it also gives my face a break from chemicals that are in makeup. My skin has been having a breath and it thanks me for it.
  2. Wearing colour. I’m such a person who finds comfort in wearing black all the time. I was an emo teenager so clearly that’s where I get it from. But, I have started to wear a lot more colour than I used to and I love it! I think, part of me hating colours was due to my body dysmorphia, and I avoided wearing colour so I would look slimmer ?? (as black is known to make you look smaller). But yeah I think, as I have got a lot better with my body issues, I’ve been loving colour again.
  3. Veggie noodles! Ya know those store bought packages that you can get with different sorts of vegetables in the shape of noodles? Those! I love them so bloody much. I’ve never been a super fan of veggies, I know shocker, but this is a fun way to help me make sure I get my veggies in my diet.
  4. Mom jeans. I’ve been loving these for a while, and if you have followed me on any social media, you’ll know! They are so comfy and they take zero effort to throw on with a loose jersey tucked in, and they look cute whilst doing so! I must tell you, don’t wear them if you plan on eating a lot on anyday – they become a pain to wear as they are high waisted!

That is all! Let me know if you enjoy this kinda post. For me, I enjoy reading what people are enjoying (??) because I am nosey haha!


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3 thoughts on “4 Things I’m Loving

  1. I like this kind of post πŸ™‚ I didn’t know what mom jeans were – at first I thought they were loose jeans, cos you said you tuck your jersey into them, but then you said they are high waist and don’t have much space if you’re going to eat. Is it just borrowing your mom’s jeans? πŸ™‚


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