Reasons to Not Go Vegan

Hi!! Today’s post is about reasons to not go vegan.

I’m going to debunk them 🙂

  1. “I love meat too much.”
    Who doesn’t? If you ask most vegans, they’ll tell you they once loved tucking into a steak every now and then. The taste of meat is really nice but thinking about meat, how it’s processed or where it comes from, isn’t at all nice. Food is not all about taste, it’s how it affects our bodies, our health and how it managed to end up on our plate. Ignoring this crucial points isn’t going to make meat any healthier or is it going to make those points go away. Ignoring them isn’t going to make the animals suffer any less nor is it going to get rid of the nasty health problems related to the meat you so love. So yeah, meat tastes pretty good but that doesn’t mean it is good.
  2. “it’s not healthy.”
    Actually, that’s false! The vegan diet is really the healthiest diet on the planet. Now, this may be a shock to most of you but really, it is.. It’s been proven multiples times that meat and dairy cause and worsen multiple illnesses, but why do we continue consuming them? Whole foods are linked to better and longer living!! Yes, the industries tell you that you get ‘your protein from meat’ and ‘your calcium from dairy’ but, you can get that stuff from so many plants! All the vitamins and minerals you need are in plant-based foods.
  3. “it costs too much!”
    That’s not at all true. Veganism is the cheapest on the planet. When you enter a supermarket, you can buy potatoes, rice, pasta, beans etc for literally pence. Whereas, meat produce is well into the pounds. You get so much more hearty foods for your money with veganism. Granted, there are some vegan foods that are fairly expensive, anything from Holland and Barrett for that matter, but you really don’t even need to buy those. As long as you eat enough of your potatoes, your pasta, your veggie, your beans etc, you don’t really need anything else!
  4. “it’s not filling at all!”
    This is clearly because you aren’t eating enough food. Remember, when eating plant based, you are consuming a lot more fewer calories per mouthful and therefore, really need to eat more. You can eat a lot more foods, as there’s less calories involved. For example, if you are replacing a beef burger with beans, you will need to eat a considerable amount more of the beans to make up for the calories you’d eat in that burger. Who doesn’t like eating more food? If you want to be full more quickly, eat foods like potato, corn, quinoa, rice, oats, chickpeas, lentils and any kind of bean. These foods will keep you satisfied for a longer time and release energy throughout the day rather than just one sharp burst.
  5. “I haven’t thought about it..”
    Well then start! You’ve clearly been searching for this page, so you have been thinking about it. There’s absolutely no reason to not go vegan and if you think you have one, comment it below and I’m sure I’ll debunk it 😉 If you don’t think you can manage veganism right now, take your time. Start vegetarian, then start cutting out any dairy – starting with the hardest piece and continue. Do the 30 day vegan challenge, and then if it’s successful go from there. Take each day as it comes. Watch documentaries. Research the diets and the foods you will likely be eating. It’s only hard if you make it that way.
    Also, if you need any help. DM me on any social media (Twitter – @purrpale and Instagram – @s.ophieharris) I will be more than willing to help you change any part of your dietexit

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