Blogmas Day 22 ~ A Very Festive Bath

Hiya! You know I love Lush so much, so I thought I’d do the same again for Christmas as I did with Halloween. I love the Christmas stuff that Lush sells A LOT. a lot a lot a lot a lot. But anyway, I digress  – let’s just get straight into the haully type thing.


I had this one a lot last year. It was my favourite. I think it is actually one of the cheaper bath things in terms of price actually?? But it smells really good, fairly vanillary. I know many people don’t like the vanilla scent, but it’s personally my favourite.

The next one I got was the Father Christmas bath bomb! It smells very very similar to the snow fairy scent that is literally everyone’s favourite scent at this time of year. This one came out last year and I was obsessed haha

This one has been out since I can remember but for some reason, I’ve not tried it until recently. It’s such a simple bath bomb but at the same time, has so much going on (if that even makes sense??) But I love it.

img_20161030_145314801AH, everyone’s go to bath bomb. So white was the first bath bomb I’ve tried at Lush and safe to say, I love it just as much as I did many years ago. It’s so so so simple but yet lovely. I don’t class a year as Christmas until I have had this bath bomb!

That’s all I bought this time at Lush, I had to refrain myself from buying anymore because I could have bought the whole shop!

christmas exit

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