Blogmas Day 20 ~ Christmas Without a Loved One

Christmas is such a hard time when you’re without a loved one on this festive period. This will be my third Christmas since losing my mother, and it is still just as sad every time Christmas comes by. I know the whole in my heart will not heal completely but I do have some tips that I use to cope ?? I hope they may work for you also..

#1 – Schedule a certain time in the day to do something in memory of your loved one. Whether that be; lighting a candle, reminiscing with some old photos or share happy or funny memories you had with your loved one with whoever you’re with. Remember it’s okay to cry a little because it’s gonna be a sad time for you. The first Christmas is always the worst because the absence is such a shock for you, but it will get better in time. Focus on the time you had with them rather than their death and their absence of your future. This will only make you feel worse.

#2 – Tell people around you how you feel. They can’t read your mind so you’ll have to tell them. They will obviously expect you to be a little sad over Christmas but they probably don’t know how difficult the period will be for you. Your family will be more than happy to support you, as they will probably need the support likewise.

#3 – Know that Christmas will be different without them. Some people go into the day thinking that everything will be fine and like it once prior to their loss. This rarely isn’t the case. The time will be tough but you will be able to get through it!

Hope everything is okay and if you need any help with ANYTHING. Please comment below or if you want it to be private, my twitter is @purrpale πŸ™‚ xx

christmas exit

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