Blogmas Day 18 ~ Vegan Christmas Snacks

I love snacks. I love Christmas. So I must adore Christmas snacks.

Mince Pies

You can get these anywhere really. My favourite are the ones from Lidl or Iceland. Good news, you can now get these delights from almost anywhere on the highstreet.

Christmas Chocolate

Chocolate is probably one of the best things to eat. It makes you happy and your tummy happy likewise. Moo-Free do an adorable selection box around Christmas time which is full of loads of common Christmas delights. Thorntons Dark Chocolate Ginger Snaps are also vegan! My family get those every year and I was unaware that they were vegan until I realised this year, so I’m excited that I don’t have to miss out on my favourite this year! A lot of own brand dark chocolate is vegan as well, just make sure obviously!!

christmas exit

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