Blogmas day 17 ~ Things I love about Christmas

I love Christmas, maybe too much I don’t know.. Okay a lot. I don’t know what it is about the season that I love so much. Maybe the mass amounts of fairy lights?? That could be a reason I’m not too sure..

  1. CINNAMON EVERYWHERE. If you know me, you know I love cinnamon. I have a stash of cinnamon scented candles that I use throughout the year, but extraordinary amounts during Christmas. It smells so so christmassy and makes me unbelievably happy.
  2. Going to Christmas markets. I live a 15 minute car drive from Birmingham, so we go to the market every year. Lowkey obsessed with it. All the fairy lights that are coloured green and red and the festive atmosphere. It’s truly beautiful.
  3. Snuggling. This is the time of year when you snuggle in front of the TV with a blanket, watching your fave Christmas movies or just general TV shows. Or, if you one of those people with partners, you cuddle with those too. Both are just as good!
  4. Buying gifts! I’m one of those strange people who love buying things for people. I just enjoy going through shopping centres and finding gifts perfect for the most special people in your life. And then seeing their face when they open it. OMG it makes me so happy thinking about it.
  5. Family get togethers. I have no idea why but around Christmas, you seem to meet up with long lost family members that you didn’t know existed until that day. But, I love it nonetheless. It’s so so sweet and I can’t wait for this to happen this year. Especially, when close family members invite you over for meals and you eat SO much but it’s okay because it’s Christmas!

christmas exit

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