Blogmas Day 14 ~ Cute Christmas Cards

Hiya!! I love Christmas cards so so much. I have to get the cutest possible cards to send to people, it’s just a thing I do. I unfortunately never know where to start.. Sooooo.. I’ve had a look around and thought I’d share with you the cutest cards I’ve found so far! It seemed like a good idea in my head..


Okay, look at how blooming cute the WH Smith cards are this year!!! When I saw the penguin one, I think I genuinely screamed internally, if that is even a thing you can do. It’s just his little head, it’s so adorable! And the lil mouse who is stealing the carrot cake is so sweet omg, who wouldn’t steal carrot cake??


The first picture is from Card Factory. Whenever I buy cards from there, I always purchase the charity cards if I can. I just feel like I’m doing a little bit extra for the earth and the people in it haha. The one on the right is from Paperchase. I remember laughing so hard when I saw it so I HAD to take a picture, because vegan 😉


These two cuties are from Paperchase again. You can always rely on Paperchase to make super cute cards, okay. I have bought these packs of cards, but unfortunately they haven’t arrived yet for the time that I’m making this blog post so like …. you get screenshots. But believe me, I did buy them!!

Please let me know below if you have found any cute Christmas cards anywhere because although, it is pretty late for the Christmas cards to be sent, I do quite like looking at them. Weird I know, but cute Christmas cards are cute Christmas cards.

christmas exit

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