Blogmas Day 10 ~ Festive Carrot Cake!

I’m a huge fan of carrot cake, and sadly I haven’t touched it since I went vegan. So, I took it upon myself to try and make a vegan carrot cake! Okay, fair enough, I did use a boxed cake mix but I did not have the time, nor money to make it from complete scratch 😦 Anyway, here we go!

Betty Crocker Country Carrot Cake Mix
Egg Replacer – 3 ”eggs”
– 7 tablespoons of oil
– 200ml water

violife cream cheese – 140g
– icing sugar – 280g
vegan butter – 85g



  1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 4 / 180 degrees.
  2. Put the cake mix, ‘eggs’, water and oil into a bowl and mix gently together by whisk until the mixture is nice and creamy. You can do this by electric or hand whisk obviously, but I did it via a hand whisk and it took a little longer.
  3. Pour the cake mixture evenly into two lightly greased cake tins. It took me a while to evenly distribute them but that’s only because I REALLY NEEDED THEM TO BE EVEN. Nothing more annoying than an uneven cake.
  4. Bake in the centre of the oven for around 25 minutes or until, a knife comes out clean – you know the drill. Then cool on a wire rack until completely cool!
  5. Now. For the icing. I completely forgot about the icing when I started baking this cake so I just kinda winged it. I used the violife cream cheese, icing sugar and vegan butter. I forgot to photograph this part but basically I mixed the cream cheese and butter with a spatula until it was creamy. And then, I added the icing sugar. I added some cinnamon because if you know me, I love cinnamon lol.
    This was the finished look! OMG it tasted like heaven. I started to run out of the icing towards the end when I was icing the top can you tell lol? But it tastes so so so good I love it 🙂 And all my family, who are not vegan, enjoy it too.

christmas exit

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