Blogmas Day 9 ~ Gift Ideas for ‘Him’

I always find it difficult to purchase presents for my male side of the family. They have everything they want and all you’re stuck with, is buying them a shower or bath gift set – which isn’t very exciting to open. I know all too well. It’s handy but it’s not an exciting gift. This also doesn’t mean these gifts are solely for males, of course not! I’ve put him in asterisks because it’s not strictly for males, more so for masculine personalities, although the items I’ve chosen are not even masculine in the slightest hahaha.

Favourite Lyrics Poster – £10.95

This is sucha cute present idea! It’s so personal and it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into their gift when in reality, it’s probably only taken you fifteen/twenty minutes. All you need to do is figure out one of their favourite songs haha…

Smartphone Projecter – £16.99

This is such a nice present for someone who is a bit of a technical wizard. I personally really love this, I think I’d love this as a gift for myself. *hint hint*

Grow your own Bonsai Tree – £9.99

This is such an adorable present idea! I think anyone would love this present because it’s so pretty and basic. What’s not to like?? You could get it for pretty much everyone because who doesn’t love a nice little tree in their house.. Wait.

christmas exit

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