Blogmas Day 8 ~ Gifts for ‘Her’

I’ve put Her in asterisks because nothing is gendered so you could buy these gifts for anyone regardless of gender. I just personally tailored this list of presents to a more ‘feminine’ taste, much like tomorrows post..

Personalised Bracelet – £14.96

This is such a cute present idea I think. It’s such a simple little bracelet but because it’s personalised, makes it so much better! You could also get all your friends matching ones with their initials on as some sort of friendship bracelet if you so wished.

Ted Baker Pyjamas – £18.50

Pyjamas are such a nice idea if you are struggling to get someone a present, or if they just happen to like pyjamas. I think these pyjamas are cute and I might actually have to purchase these later.. If you were willing to splash out the cash, you could pair pyjamas with a nice lil dressing gown or slippers.

Pug Tea Infuser – £7.99

Such a cute lil gift. Especially for someone who loves pugs or just dogs in general.

christmas exit

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3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 8 ~ Gifts for ‘Her’

  1. I love the personalised bracelet and the Ted Baker pyjamas are gorgeous – I’ve been looking for some new ones so I’ll have to do some hinting! X

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