Blogmas Day 5 ~ Vegan Gift Guide

As a vegan, I’m always terrified that people will buy me presents that are non-vegan. Of course, I am extremely grateful for whatever presents I receive because people have ACTUALLY thought about me but, it’s sad when I can’t actually use any of those gifts, or have to give them away.
So I have devised a list of basic vegan gifts that you can get anywhere, typically anywhere you will go shopping for non vegan gifts.

1. Choices Dairy Free Caramel Bites – £2.00
I had these last year, before I was vegan, from my auntie. They were SOOOOOOOO good. I lowkey hope she buys me them again, because I was in love with them omg.

2. Dr martens – £120.00
A little bit more expensive, I know but these will be good if you have the money. I personally really love Dr Martens, and was sad when I realised they weren’t vegan so I’m over the moon that they’ve started producing vegan shoes. These ones are my favourite.

3. Chilli Dark Chocolate – £5.50
See!! You can find vegan stuff everywhere. I had no idea Hotel Chocolat had vegan stuff, also, if you wanna search around – all their vegan produce is labelled as vegan.

4. Niomi Smart: Eat Smart – £9.00
The best plant based cook book I’ve seen come out this year!! All the recipes are 100% vegan (I think, if they contain honey it’s easily changeable to agave) and they all look so yummy!

christmas exit

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