Blogmas Day 3 ~ Christmas Playlist

I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! It’s the number one thing that allows me to feel well and truly into the Christmas Spirit.

This is my absolute fave!! It’s so different from all the upbeat poppy Christmas music which is probably why I love it – I am emo at heart lmao. If I hear this, I know it is truly Christmas.

My favourite memory with this song is singing this at my primary school Christmas play. Every year had a song and I had this song the one year, I think I was in year 5! It’s such a bop it makes me happy and also sad. IDK how that works???

I’m not at all a fan of Justin Bieber but this song just makes me feel so Christmassy. It’s much more upbeat in comparison to the original. As much as I love the original, I love being able to dance my butt off to this one!!

Now, this song reminds me of the Christmas shopping scenes of Christmas movies! Thus, it reminds me of Christmas shopping – which is my favourite thing to do with the run up to Christmas.

christmas exit

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