Blogmas Day 2 ~ Present Ideas Under £5

HELLO!! Thought it would be handy to write a list of nice present ideas under £5. A lot of people struggle with money over Christmas or just in general, so this is a nice idea for if you are tight of money but still want to buy your loved one a lil something.

Yoga Cats book – £4.95


Lowkey really want this book myself! It’s super good and awesome for any pet lover.

Lace Lights  – £4.95


How awesome are these?? You won’t get lost at night with these. No joke, they are kinda really jazzy.

Queen Candles – £3.99


These are so cute and quirky oh my God! Who doesn’t want to be treated like a queen for the day? Not me that’s for sure.

Reed Defuser  – £5


You can’t go wrong with candles or anything of that sort. Everyone likes having their room smelling nice so it’s a good idea if you don’t particularly know the person all too well.

christmas exit

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