Blogmas Day 1 ~ My Favourite Christmas Films !!

This is the start of the 25 days of Blogmas that I’m doing!! There’s going to be a post every day up until Christmas 🙂

It’s coming up to Christmas season now and safe to say, I’m bloody loving it! I’m a huge fan of Christmas and I love starting to be in the Christmas spirit as soon as possible. I always LOVE watching Christmas films, snuggling up with a blanket and a hot chocolate – warming up inside whilst it’s so so cold outside.

  1. Elf.jsfodof This has gotta be the all time best Christmas movie ever. It had to be included on this list. It’s about an elf (who isn’t really an elf) trying to find his true father around Christmas time. It’s so funny and who doesn’t love a comedy?
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmasthe-nightmare-before-christmasThis is a Halloween come Christmas movie, so it’s kinda tricky when it comes to being identify as a Christmas film. It has a Halloweeny vibe to it but it’s all about a journey of a skeleton trying to make his own Christmas.
  3. Home Alonehome-alone-logo        Now this isn’t my number one Christmas film. During primary school, we used to watch the entire box set every Christmas and it got boring. But, I still enjoy it nonetheless.
  4. Love ActuallyLove-Actually-Gallery-2LOVE Love Actually!! It’s so so cute and every story line in it is adorable and makes me happy. We don’t talk about Alan Rickman tho rip.
  5. The GrinchDr-Seuss-How-The-Grinch-Stole-Christmas-Gallery-1Used to be scared of this when I was little so I never actually watched it all the way through until like I was 16 – how embarrassing.


Honestly, Christmas is not Christmas without me watching these films every day for the entire 3o days.

christmas exit

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One thought on “Blogmas Day 1 ~ My Favourite Christmas Films !!

  1. Ah, I am quite excited for Christmas this year; despite my current circumstances. The atmosphere is just different and I love listening to Christmas music while I work; it’s hard to be grumpy when it’s on. That being said, I do like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Elf is quite comical too. For myself, I can not think of many that I like to watch off the back buut I would have to say that I like Gremlins ( an odd-kind of Christmas movie I guess) and It’s A Wonderful Life at least.

    ~ Bre

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