Why I Love Autumn

Autumn is my favourite ever season, and that’s not just because my birthday is during it. It’s home to so many things that don’t happen in any other season. It’s beautiful. So I thought I’d list 20 things I love about autumn.

  1. You can wear jumpers every single day and get away with it because it’s yknow.. autumn.
  2. Loads and loads of cuddles. Although, I currently have no one to cuddle romantically I hope my friends will chip in.
  4. The excuse of having everything you eat being flavoured like cinnamon. I love cinnamon.
  5. Warm drinks at any given moment.
  6. Bonfires. No excuse is needed for them.
  7. How pretty the leaves look.
  8. You can wear boots everyday and not get judged. Or make your feet sweat.
  9. Finally being able to eat jacket potatoes without dying from the heat.
  10. Cold drizzles.
  11. Halloween is soon which means eating loads and loads of snacks with no judgement.
  12. It’s the time of the year when the broth comes out.
  13. Fireplaces on ALL the time.
  14. Whipping out the extra blankets to cosy up on the sofa with.
  15. Fluffy bedtime socks which are no longer exclusive to bedtime.
  16. Seeing Christmas popping up everywhere, which everyone says they hate but you know they don’t.
  17. Warm baths just before you go to bed (ngl I do that all year round but they seem so much nicer and relaxed during autumn.)
  18. Scarves and gloves and wooly hats.
  19. Conkers.
  20. It gets darker so much quicker so you don’t have to fear about sleeping for longer than usual.


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