Halloween Lush Bits and Bobs!

Hiya! As you may have noticed, I visited Cardiff for a university open day last weekend. The university itself wasn’t so great in my eyes. The open day itself wasn’t as thought out as Manchester university (that I have visited two weeks ago now) and the history department wasn’t as great as Manchester either. Anyway, I digress. So I ventured into the town and had a little browse of the shops. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy much. There wasn’t a lot open for some reason but Lush was! I bought a few bits and bobs from here so I thought it would be fun to show you!

Everything I got was from the Lush: Halloween range so I thought this was fitting to show you just before Halloween, so if you want some of these things, you could quickly go and purchase them yourself! Anyway:

The first thing I got when I entered Lush was, Lord of Misrule. I’m unsure which collection this is from. I thought it was from the Halloween collection, and so did the lady who was showing me around, but the website says otherwise.. If it is in the Christmas collection, then even better! But it’s so pretty. I get this one every time it’s out in the store. It’s just such a staple Lush product for this time of year.

The next thing I purchased was a bath melt. I love my bath melts, a lot actually. I’m not a very bubble bar person so when I’m not buying a bath bomb, I’m buying a bath melt. They make my skin feel so so nice because of the cocoa butter etc. I got the BOO bath melt this time. He is simply adorable. It almost makes me not want to use him hahaha. One thing I miss from this time of year, is using the melting snowman bath melt, he was my favourite. Lush if you are reading this, please bring him back.

I only bought one more thing for the bath, sadly. My dad bought me this shop worth because he wanted to treat me, so I felt guilty for buying too much haha. If I was using my money, I would have purchased the entire Halloween and Christmas collection. I bought this Pumpkin bath bomb. He is simply really cute. He smells really cinnamon-y which is strange for the Halloween collection. I really like all the spices you get around this time of year so when I smelt this little guy, I had to get him.

Finally, I bought a lip balm. It’s autumn and my lips start getting extremely chapped. Being vegan, I cannot simply just nip to the shop and purchase Vaseline or Nivea like I used to be able to, so I dipped into Lush’s lip products to find the most perfect little lip balm ever. I got the Key Lime Pie one. It smells heavenly honestly.

And yeah, that’s all I got. Lemme know if you enjoy the Lush haul things and I’ll do another one. I’m going to London this weekend so hopefully I will be buying much more Lush products haha.


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