The Self Esteem Challenge!

I saw this on tumblr a few days ago and I thought it would be interesting to give it a go! I’m going to start this on 20th August 2016 🙂

Day one: A facial feature you like on yourself

20/08/16 — A facial feature I like is my eyes. I personally feel like they are so so big and wide and I really love that haha! I’ve been told that they are the first thing people see when they look at me which is fab but that’s not the reason I like them, just kinda helps boost my confidence! My eyes also rock anything I think, I wore pastel pink eyeliner the other day and it looked cute af.

Day two: A physical feature you like on yourself

21/08/16 — Gotta be my pale skin. I love it. I really like being pale idk, people probably think it’s weird because being tanned is the fashion at the moment but I don’t care. This probably stems from my laziness because I know for sure, I would be far too lazy to maintain a tan lmao.

Day three: A part of your personality that you like

22/08/16 — Probably how kind I am. This day was the hardest because I don’t want to be too ‘up myself’ lmao. I really do like how nice I am to people. I just want to be everyone’s friend, which is probably a bad thing sometimes. But nonetheless, I like how much of a good person I am. I will willingly help people when they need help and that’s probably the best part about me lol.

Day four: A habit you have that you like

23/08/16 — I do a lot of breathing exercises on the daily, typically 7-11 breathing. I tend to do it without thinking whenever the day seems to get out of hand. It helps my anxiety a lot because whenever I have an anxiety or panic attack happening, my breathing becomes out of control. So, the exercises allows me to begin to control my breathing.

Day five: Something about the way you think that you like

24/08/16 — I tend to find the positives out of every situation. For example, I just found out I’m going to have to spend an extra year in college before I go to university. Although, many may see that as a bad thing, I’ve realised this will help me further prepare for university – whether it be in terms finance or just my mental health. I used to be a really pessimistic person and I am trying to get out of that way of thinking.

Day six: Something about the way you just are that you like

25/08/16 — I have such a calm nature. Although I have crippling anxiety, I’m such a calm person overall. I know things happen for a reason and whatever, does happen is completely okay with me (to a certain extent obviously)

Day seven: When do you feel best about yourself? Why?

26/08/16 — I normally feel the best about myself when I’m getting changed at night – like full on in underwear haha. I know that’s weird because it’s common for people to dislike their body almost naked or even completely naked, but I seem to like it. Especially, if I’m wearing matching underwear – which seems to be all the time as of late.

Day eight: The last time you smiled when someone complimented you. What was the compliment and why did you smile?

27/08/16 — Probably a few days ago?? I showed someone pictures of my body in underwear because not gonna lie, they were fucking lit pictures, and they were absolutely loving it HAHA. There was a whole bunch of compliments after but they mentioned how I made their day 100% because they were blessed with those pictures and it made me so happy. I’ve seen people who have mentioned such negative things in relation to my body and it made me so happy that someone actually liked it oops.

Day nine: Something that you yourself do that makes you smile. Why?

28/08/16 — I give myself time. I really don’t rush myself when it comes to things that may trigger anything. My anxiety is normally triggered from being alone and I’d like to think I’m ready to be home alone or travel on public transport alone, but I still struggle and that’s 100% okay in my eyes. I don’t want to rush myself into being fully recovered with my anxiety because they may counteract with all the stuff I’ve already achieved.

Day ten: Why are you the way you are?

29/08/16 — Life lol.

Day eleven:  Do you like the way you are? Why or why not?

30/08/16 — I mean it’s okay. There’s still things I want to change about myself that will make me a better person but I guess I’m pretty content with my person – both physically and mentally.

Day twelve: If you could change something about your personality, what would it be and why?

31/08/16 — I wish I was a lot meaner. Not like mean as in bullying people. I wish I learnt to say no to people when I genuinely didn’t want to do whatever they were asking me. I’m far too nice, I basically live to please other people and not me.

Day thirteen: What do you think of your smile?

1/09/16 — I don’t really like it but that’s just my opinion. I was stuck on this question for the longest time and my friend said it makes her happy just looking at it lmao.

Day fourteen: What do you think of your laugh?

2/09/16 — It’s alright. My laugh changes every time I laugh, no joke. Sometimes it’s a opened laugh no sound laugh and other times it could be a lil chuckle.

Day fifteen: Why do you think people are attracted to you, either friend-wise or romantically?

3/09/16 — Honestly, this is a question I have myself lol. Probably my kind heart or something I have no idea for this one.

Day sixteen: The last thing you did that made you smile

4/09/16 — I went to results day without a single panic attack. This sounds so cliche and annoying but as a sufferer of anxiety and a prone overthinker, this was a hard task. But I did it and I’m so immensely proud of myself.

Day seventeen: Another thing you like about yourself

5/09/16 — My thighs/legs. I really like them. I don’t really know a reason but I just like showing them off with a cute lil dress or some ripped jeans.

Day eighteen: The last thing you did that made you laugh 

6/09/16 — Literally everything I do makes me laugh LMAO so this question is easy. The last thing has  gotta be when I fell down the stairs. Now, this is not as upsetting and dramatic as it may seem. I literally fell on my ass and just slid down the stairs. You know how you used to when you were little? Literally like that. It made me chuckle because I got downstairs a lot quicker than I expected.

Day nineteen: Is there a particular outfit/article of clothing/accessory you like on yourself? Why or why not?

7/09/16 — I really like mom jeans!!! If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know how body posi they make me hahaha! I wear them all the time because they just make me feel so good about myself.

Day twenty: If you finish this challenge and still feel that your confidence is low, would you be willing to do it again? Why or why not?

8/09/16 — Yeah for sure!! It’s helped me truly think about my body and person which is sooo good because I haven’t had to lie about any of my answers.

Day twenty-one: When do you feel your most attractive? Why?

9/09/16 — Fresh outta the shower. I feel so clean and fresh I love it. Probably has something to do with being naked or near naked, which links to one of my previous answers.

Day twenty-two: What do you think others like about your personality?

10/09/16 — I really struggled with this question, so I asked some friends what they thought haha. One friend said ”You’re a really kind hearted person, also you’re really friendly and know how to make others feel better, you have a great personality in general as you always try to keep high spirits even at sad times” What a babe omg.

Day twenty-three: What physical feature do others seem to find most attractive about you?

11/09/16 — People seem to like my legs/thigh area which is convenient because I am rather fond of that part of my body too. Someone has said to have liked my hips also.

Day twenty-four: What is your definition of “beautiful”?

12/09/16 — Nice person. As cliche as this sounds, if you have a nice personality, can make me laugh and are just an all round nice person, I’ll probably be in love with you. And then everything else will fall into place, it won’t matter what you actually look like, I’ll just think you’re beautiful. So yeah, nice person.

Day twenty-five: Do you often compliment other people?

13/09/16 — Yeah!! I don’t think I go a day without it. I like to think, what’s the point in being all body positivity by yourself, you may as well share the experience with someone else.

Day twenty-six: What is your favourite compliment to give and receive, and why?

14/09/16 — It changes all the time but I like using the words like ”goddess” ”angel” etc in the compliments because they’re just ethereal words and they make any compliment seem more sincere.

Day twenty-seven: Do you often accept compliments? If not, why?

15/09/16 — Yeah sometimes. If I’m having a good day, I’ll openly accept compliments because they make me even more happy than I already was. But if I was having a shit day, I’d find something about the compliment that I know isn’t true and deny accepting any of the compliment lol.

Day twenty-eight: Do you feel good about yourself today? Why or why not?

16/09/16 — I’m not sure. I’m having a down day because I don’t really feel great and there’s no reason for it. But, I kinda do feel alright about myself, bodywise. Just not my actual mental self haha.

Day twenty-nine: When you don’t feel good about yourself, what do you do to change that, if anything?

17/09/16 — I sit downstairs in my pyjamas and a cosy blanket and watch some feel good films. I tend to watch movies like; the perks of being a wallflower, love actually, school of rock etc etc. The movie depends on my mood because if I’m having relationship problem, I am unlikely to watch a romantic movie, but they may be good movies to watch if I am in any other mood. Then I probably run a bath and bathe for a while, likely to be with some lush bath bombs and face masks.

Day thirty: Are you happy with yourself?

18/09/16 — I’m gonna go with yeah! Not in the conventional way where you are sososo body positive and sososo happy – the perfect all rounder. But I am happy with myself, how far I’ve came mentally, even from this challenge I’ve improved a lot in terms of confidence. I still have a long way to go but I am kinda happy 🙂


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