Vegan Snacks!!

If you too are a person that loves snacking but struggle to find vegan snacks, I feel your pain. Once when I wasn’t a vegan, I used to be obsessed with Cadbury’s chocolate and eat SO many different types of food that now I can get as a vegan alternative. Alas, many people aren’t aware of them.



Okay I’m actually in love with these things. Mainly because before I was vegan, I was in love with Terry’s Chocolate Orange likewise. For me, these are a very good dupe for like a quarter of the price. From what I remember, the chocolate oranges by Terry’s were fairly expensive. These bars are so so creamy which is nothing like what I’ve had in a vegan chocolate bar, they literally taste like the real thing! Honestly, I go to Asda and buy like twelve of these things and I probably shouldn’t.



I had these this weekend when me and my father went to Tesco after visiting my brother. I haven’t had dough balls since being vegan because I haven’t found a nice alternative, it’s more due to the fact I haven’t really looked. I wasn’t a big fan of dough balls beforehand. These were so good!! Even my father can vouch for me that these are a very good alternative to non-vegan dough balls. The picture taken above was only a portion of how many I got, mainly because I couldn’t wait to take the picture and ate some prior.



SO. FUCKING. GOOD. I am such a huge lover for flapjacks and I feel like this one has become my new favourite type. I really did not expect this to be this good at all omg. Holland and Barrett normally do a sale for these flapjacks which is like 3 for 2 maybe ?? I only brought one though because I’m a right melon lmao but I will honestly buy more next time I go to Holland and Barrett !!


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