Snippets of My Week

I wanted today’s post to have more of a relaxed feel to it. The past week has felt like a really long one, and that’s not necessary a bad thing but it just ends up that way every so often and I end up feeling stress upon stress. I’ve been preparing for my holiday to Weymouth (which I am on as you are reading this, probably). It’s only a weekend but it’s not a holiday without worrying beforehand, right?






Mondays are almost always boring and this Monday was as common as any other. I spent the majority of the morning in bed feeling sorry for myself because I actually had some kind of cold and was involved in a sneezing fit every couple of minutes. I spent a lot of that time on my laptop on Twitter which seems to happen every day lately. When I was feeling much better, I then started packing for my holiday. If you have ever had to pack for a holiday, you will begin to sympathise with me as you will know the all round struggle!






Today consisted of me going for a meal with my best friends, Charlotte and Leah. We went to the Wetherspoons which is one of my favourites (basic I know) but they do the best sweet potato, spinach and chickpea curry! I changed it up quite a bit because I didn’t fancy rice and the naan bread they use isn’t vegan 😦 We chatted and it was so fun because I haven’t saw them for a while. Charlotte and I then went to our local shopping mall and I may have brought two underwear sets but we don’t talk about that..


IMG_20160802_163504586 - Copy



Today is another relaxing day. I woke up at around 11am (oops) and I stayed in bed up into like 1pm, catching up with my Youtube subscription box because I haven’t even looked at Youtube for a fair few weeks haha! I ate some food and then I ran a bath using the intergalactic lush bath bomb. I’m very introverted so I’m chuffed I had this chill day in order to calm down from all the socialising I’ve had to do yesterday.


Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take pictures today. This was mainly because I was so so busy with preparing for holiday and also, because I forgot I was writing this blog post! Bad, I know.. Anyway, all I did was pack and pack and pack. Honestly I think I’m tired of looking at a suitcase. It’s so annoying because I can’t pack most of my stuff until tomorrow morning, because I’m going to need it tomorrow morning 😦


I didn’t really take photos today either because this was just mainly me sitting in a car all morning and then chilling afterwards. I travelled all the way from Birmingham to Weymouth – which for a girl who is not fond of car travelling and long journeys, it went surprisingly easy. When we got there, we chilled in the caravan for an hour max, to allow us to calm down and relax from an almost 4 hour journey (we have a dog so we had to keep making stops). Then we went to the beach and I don’t really remember much after as I’m writing this on the following Tuesday.

But this was my week, it wasn’t very interesting because I have a very boring life lmao. However, I did enjoy writing about it because it helped me recall memories of my days that I would have otherwise forgotten about.


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