♡ Breathing Exercises ♡

I recently did a post in relation to anxiety – How I Deal With Anxiety. and it occurred to me that I didn’t advise any help in terms of how to deal if anxiety turns into anxiety attacks or panic attacks. This may come in use for people who struggle with these because they are super effective!

The first one is the 7-11 breathing. The gist of this is that you breathe in for seven seconds and then breathe out for eleven. It helps regain control of your breathing, it’s basically the complete opposite of hyperventilating which is a common symptom of panic attacks. It is proven to cause stimulation of the part of your nervous symptom which is purely responsible for relaxation and rest and digest. If you breathe this way then your body will have no choice but to relax. Just become aware of your breathing.and breathe in to the count of seven. and breathe out to the count of eleven. You can hold for a couple of seconds at the bottom of the out breath if that’s comfortable for you. You may also find that you begin to breathe this way automatically if you feel anxious.

Also, another method could be the CO2 breathing. This is a fairly common technique and is used a lot of the time in movies. You know the time when someone hyperventilating is covering their mouth with a paper bag? Yeah that’s it. This method basically recalls the carbon dioxide into your system because you need it. When in panic, it seems like you are lacking oxygen, so you breathe heavier in order to get more, but in reality you have too much and your carbon dioxide levels are far too low. If you don’t have a paper bag to hand, just cover your mouth with your hands and breathe in and out. The idea is to just stop the carbon dioxide escaping your body and forcing it back in, to level out the oxygen-carbon dioxide levels.


I’m not really aware of any other breathing exercises because these are the only ones my therapist told me to use and the only ones I’ve researched. If you know any others, please comment them or message me, I’d love to know them because they may help me or it would inform people reading my blogs.


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