♡ Favourite Artists ♡ – June 2016

My music taste fluctuates so so often because I discover brand new bands, gain an obsession and then find new ones which leads to me ‘forgetting’ about the previous ones. I don’t actually forget about them nor lose interest, it’s just the fact that they are no longer in the front of my mind when it comes to music to listen to. Currently, I am quite obsessed with a few artists which I thought might be worth while sharing with you guys – maybe you could find a new band or singer that takes your fancy from my list 🙂

Moose Blood

Moose Blood have always been one of my personal favourites but lately, they have been turning up in my Spotify playlist and I’ve had a really good jam to them. My favourite song currently is the one I linked above ^^. It’s so beautiful it makes me so happy.

Neck Deep

Neck Deep are so wonderful!! Again, this band is a band that I’ve been obsessed with for quite some time but I had to put them in my favourites. When I saw them early February this year, it made me realise how bloody beautiful they are as artists. My favourite songs are; the one above ^^, Rock Bottom and What Did You Expect?

State Champs

This band needs way more support than they get. I found them around the same time I found Neck Deep and surprisingly, they supported Neck Deep when I saw them live! So I saw two of my favourite bands in one night. (the other support acts were great too) Honestly, these guys are so good and I recommend them to everyone who asks for music to listen to. If you want to give them a listen I suggest Secrets and Losing Myself.


I’m not as much as a fangirl for Halsey like I was way back in January of this year but nonetheless, Halsey is one of my go to artists. My favourite song is the one I posted above ^^, it just makes me want to dance super hard.


My music taste is so weird I know – it goes from pop punk to electropop. However, I really do recommend these artists if you don’t already listen to them 🙂


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