♡ July Goals ♡

Recently, I’ve really liked to set myself monthly goals that I would appreciate achieving by the end of that said month. It really helps me have a productive month rather than sit around all month and doing nothing.

  1. Meditate every morning possible. I really do love meditation but it seems to be the habit of me partaking in meditation every day for a week and then forgetting one day, resulting in me never doing it again. I do not want this to be the case. I want to try and attempt to meditate every morning of this month, and then hopefully continue afterwards. For me, meditation really improves my mood and calms my anxiety so I think doing it in the morning will help me prepare for the day ahead.
  2. Go for walks more. This must seem like such a simple one but honestly, as soon as I get home from college on a weekday, I don’t leave the house. I want to be able to go for a walk at least 4 times a week after dinner time. This will probably help me be less lazy as well because I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to doing any form of exercise.
  3. Explore a new place. I’m the type of person that will just go to the same old, boring places time and time again so I think this goal will be very beneficial for me. I want to at least explore one new place in the month of July, it could be as simple as a nature reserve or a new shopping centre I’ve never been to.
  4. Finally, declutter my room. My room is the messiest place known to man I swear. It’s not the fact that its untidy, it is more cluttered. I’m going to try and attempt to declutter (and clean in the process) my room. A tidy environment is a tidy mind, right?

This blog post was pretty short today but I thought it would be pretty cool to put my goals into words and share them online – so hopefully I’ll actually achieve them haha. Feel free to do this too because it’s really fun!


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4 thoughts on “♡ July Goals ♡

  1. These sounds like good goals. If you have a dog or a friend has one, that’ll help with the walking. Since getting mine I walk almost everyday and it is so beneficial for clearing the mind. Buddying up on the travels is also a great way 🙂 make sure you do a blog on how well you did etc 🙂

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