Getting Through a Down Day

  1. Remember it’s okay to cry and have these days. You’re human and it is perfectly natural for you to have some days where you don’t feel 100% happy. It’s impossible for someone to keep every negative thing all bottled up successfully. Sometimes, it helps just to let everything out and have a little cry and it definitely does not make you look weak or pathetic. It’s a good thing. I’d recommend keeping a journal for those days when you feel like absolute poop. Allowing all your emotions and feelings to fall out of your mind onto a page is really helpful in order to cleanse your thoughts. It also gives you something to look back at when you are sad again – knowing that you overcame the previous episode of sadness, you will be aware that you can do it again.
  2. Occupy yourself. Personally, I really like distracting myself during the sad days. Nothing is worse than just dwelling on the sad thoughts as it only makes you feel worse about the whole thing. It could be difficult to find something that truly distracts your mind from this though. Each person differs on what makes them happy so it is impossible for me to tell you what to do at this part. However, I personally like listening to my favourite bands (Neck Deep, Twenty One Pilots etc etc). It enables me to turn my bad day into a slightly better one.
  3. Be nice. Many a time, down days are the route cause of your own mind not being very nice to your person. We tend to forget that our person is our vehicle for life and it is important for us to look after it. Take regular breaks from your normal life in order to continue to care for yourself. Go shopping, cook a super yummy meal, have a bath or just simply have a nap. You work very hard in your day to day life, you deserve to have a break.
  4. Remind yourself that things could be worse. This is a very cliche tip, it could also be seen as very hurtful but hear me out. Remember that a down day is not the worst day of your life. You may feel like that now but tomorrow will be better. Remind yourself that a down day is not a tragic or fatal day – it’s just a simple low mood that will pass eventually. It will not last forever.


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