🛀Lush Favourites🛀

As a typical teenager, I do enjoy frequent trips to Lush to pick up a couple (thousand) bath bits and bobs in order to make my bath time the best time.

  • Avobath bath bomb

    This bath bomb is my fave. I think it is partly due to my love for avocado though because the scent is definitely not for everyone. It’s so relaxing as it has the scent of lemongrass oil. I don’t know what it is but lemongrass soothes me. The avocado in the bath bomb helps moisturise the skin as well, so basically this bath bomb is just heaven!

  • The comforter bubble bar

I ran out of this bubble bar a few days ago so I couldn’t take pictures of it myself sadly. But nonetheless, the fact I have used up the entirety of the large bar, proves how lovely it is and how much it deserves to be on my lush favourites. It creates the loveliest purple water and the berry scent radiates the entire bathroom. (or the entire house if you use as much as me haha!) It is quite a large bubble bar so it lasts ages. I brought mine about a month ago and used it most days with quite a large helping, if that gives it any justification.

  • Blackberry bath bomb

This is a new favourite of mine – out of all the times I have been to Lush, I’ve never picked this bath bomb up. How I wish I did this earlier! It smells so strong of berries, and if you are aware by now, I absolutely love the scent of berries. The fruity fragrance just makes me so happy. I use this bath bomb typically when I am having a down day and want some cheering up.

All of these bath baths/bars are 100% vegan and cruelty free. I really do think this is why I really love Lush and it’s bath stuff, because there is absolutely no guilt when purchasing them.


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