How to stop being so negative ??!

Here’s some tips on how I went from ‘I hate myself I want to die’ to ‘I’m pretty happy’ !!

  1. Take a deep, long look in the mirror. You are alive and you are doing well. Instead of typically picking out things that you hate about your body, pick out things you like. This is easier said than done I know but seriously, it’s the first step into positive thinking and having a positive attitude. The thing you like about yourself could be something so simple, like your fingers or your love handles. Great, now accentuate that part of your body. This could be investing in some cute bomb af rings or crop tops. You will feel confident and that will show through your smile 🙂
  2. Surround yourself with tons and tons of positive people. Seriously, let go of those toxic friends who only have something negative to say. They may be your friends but that type of thinking is not good for you and your positivity. You’ll thank me later. Friends either make you or break you. They either help you become the best positive verison of yourself or the worst. Hang around with people who do the first option.
  3. Replace negative ways of thinking with more positive, optimistic terms. If you find yourself thinking something such as, “I always mess everything up,” replace it with something more realistic such as, “Sometimes I make mistakes but I learn from them.” You aren’t always going to make mistakes but mistakes are a way of life. Everyone makes them! The Queen makes them! Benedict Cumberbatch makes em!
  4. Compliment others! Seeing smiles on other people will make you feel great trust me. I’m that friend in the group that always compliments everyone, people may think I’m a creep but I’m making people think more positively – which could reflect back to you!
  5. Have something to look after, whether it be a plant or a small pet. This gives your life purpose and something to live for. Literally, watering a plant everyday could help you realise your life does have meaning in this big world.
  6. Take good care of ya self! Eat some yummy foods that are good for you. Your body will be grateful and in turn, help you out a bit. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Not having those bags under your eyes may be the difference in you feeling a 1/10 and a 10/10. Something as simple as that could make a massive difference. Take care of your mental health. It’s okay to have down days but don’t pity yourself. Do something in those days, whether that be a shower or just making your bed. It’s easier said than done yet again but it helps. As a sufferer from depression, these turn my bad days into not-so-bad days.
  7. Make a list of things you are grateful for in your life. This could be so simple but being grateful helps you appreciate what you have. Here’s my list: my health; that exams are (almost) over; my friends are trustworthy etc etc.
  8. Fill your living space with positivity. For instance, I have A LOT of positivity quotes around my mirror so I am forced to look at them every morning when I get up. It helps. I have a quote that states that I am my number one priority and another than says I am beautiful no matter what shape or size I am. Something as silly as this does help.
  9. Finally, remember no one is perfect! Everyone makes mistakes and it’s important not to dwell on those. It’s more important to in fact move forward with your life. And now you know not to repeat those past mistakes and move on!

These are the tips that I live by in my life and they truly help. I’m not a therapist so do not use these instead of getting help for any problem you may have. Although I am here for anyone who may need help and cannot fund/get any.


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